Effective Cure For Fungal Nail Infection

There are several effective methods of treatment such as:-

  • Medication – Doctors prescribe the best medicines depending on exact requirement.
  • Most popular oral pills treating nail fungus are Fluconazole, Itraconazole and Terbinafine. These medicines fight the germs and help in the growth of new nails, which can take months or weeks depending on the strength of the pill.
  • Anti fungal lacquers can be painted on the affected nails. These are not as effective as pills yet the layers provide simple medication until the problem is resolved. The lacquers contain medicines like Cicloproix that kills the fungi.
  • Visit to foot care specialists for safe removal of nail parts that wear off and regular cleansing and sterilizing.
  • Creams and agents – They act as an alternative or additional treatment on mild infections.
  • Ointments – These are available at any local market or drug store in Toronto and other parts of the world. These remedies include Vicks vaporub, hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar.

Fungal Nail Inflection

  • Home personal remedies – These include tea oil or leucatin. It helps keep the nail moisturized and acts as an antiseptic.
  • Minor surgeries – While most may be prejudiced against this type of cure, it is the best solution in case of a serious fungal infection causing skin damage and even pain.
  • Laser technique – the nail often acts as a barrier for the medicine penetration. Thus, it is hardly ever cured. The laser helps in fungal removal and accelerates the nail growth. This detoxification process does not have any side effects and best fungal nail treatment recommend by doctors.

Simple caring process – In order to avoid Fungal Nail infection, initiatives and care can be taken.
• Keep nails clean dry and trimmed.
•  Wash them to remove all sort of dirt.
•  Wear socks or gloves for protection.
•  Use shoe sprays if needed.



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